Ready to play the goodest party game on earth … VIRTUALLY?

These are challenging times. Sadly, you may not be able to play Good vs Gooder with friends and family around your dining room table, but you can still have fun debates with funny people online. Here are the suggested rules for playing virtually, but feel free to create your own!


1. The player who owns the physical game is the referee. They will draw cards for the other players. The referee places the stacks of yellow Debate Cards, red Good Cards, and black Gooder Cards (remove the 6 action cards from this stack when playing virtually) face-down in front of them.

2. Divide all players into 3 teams. The oldest team judges first.

3. The referee draws a Debate Card from the top of the deck. That is Team One’s card. They can choose to accept that card or pass. If they pass, the referee draws another Debate Card and Team One must play that card. The referee repeats the same process for Team Two.

4. The two teams then debate which good thing is gooder while Team Three serves as the judges. Teams try to persuade the judges with stories, jokes, personal experiences, and fun facts.

5. The judges stop the debate after a few minutes, deliberate, and vote for which team was more persuasive.

6. The winning team either chooses (and the referee draws) a Good Card or a Gooder Card. All Good Cards are worth 1 point. Some Gooder Cards earn teams more than 1 point. Some are worth negative points. Play it safe or take a chance? Choose wisely!

7. The referee keeps each team’s Gooder Cards face-down (remember which stack is which!). Rotate which team judges after each debate. The referee draws Debate Cards for the next two teams and Round 2 begins!

8. After 12 total rounds, the referee reveals the Good Cards and Gooder Cards, then adds up all the points. The team with the most points is declared the Goodest of All Time! Break a tie by choosing one Gooder Card. Higest card wins!

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