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Ready to play the goodest party game on earth?

Which good thing is gooder: Ketchup or Butterflies? Finding a Turtle or Having a Friend Who Owns a Truck? A Clean Public Restroom or Pickles? Open a free sample of Good vs Gooder and let the debates begin!


1. Each player opens the Good vs Gooder sample (click the button above).

2. Players read their assigned debate cards and choose their favorite good thing.

Player 1: Choose from pages 1-3 (marked with a red dot)

Player 2: Choose from pages 4-6 (marked with an orange dot)

Player 3: Choose from pages 7-9 (marked with a green dot)

Player 4: Choose from pages 10-12 (marked with a blue dot)

Player 5: Choose from pages 13-14 (marked with a purple dot)

3. Each round, two players announce their card and debate which good thing is gooder while the other three players serve as judges.

4. Debaters spend a few minutes persuading the judges with fun facts, personal experiences, and funny stories.

5. The judges listen to each debater advocate for their card, then choose a winner based on which debater was most persuasive.

6. Choose two new debaters and play again!

7. After 15-20 total minutes (each player should have time to debate twice), determine who won the most debates and declare them the Goodest of All Time!


There are so many good things in the world. We took months to create our 270 debate cards. Nostalgic things like Ballpark Hot Dogs, simple things like Bonfires, quirky things like Being On a Roof. Let’s debate which ones are gooder!

“It’s a really good game. Super fun!”

Art A.

Like say why ketchup is better than Michael Jordan? HAHA

Maddie H.

It’s so fun arguing the random things with one another.

Jason R.

“A nice balance between laughing and coming up with clever arguments. Great for people who love a quick debate.”

Diana B.

Man this game is fun already. It would be a great ice breaker. I could see playing this with my students on the first day of class. When can we play again?

Sarah U.

While stuck at home during the Covid-19 pandemic, three anxious friends wanted to make each other laugh. One suggested pitting one random thing against another random thing and debating which one was gooder. Our first matchup? Ketchup vs Butterflies. After cracking up for over an hour, a party game was born. We listed more good things—A Free Lawnmower, Seeing a Bunch of Hot Air Balloons, Tater Tots. Debating random good things cheered us up, inspired hilarious stories, and connected a group of socially isolated friends. We hope Good vs Gooder does the same for your friends and family.

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